The name Eve Hewson usually comes attached with “Bono’s daughter,” but the 23-year-old is ready to stake a claim for fame based on her own talent as an actress, and it looks like she’s on a winner with the August debut of the 10-episode series The Knick on Cinemax.

The series has already been renewed by the network for a second season, even though its first has yet to air. The show revolves around a hospital in New York City in 1900, with doctors and nurses struggling to treat patients without the modern medicine techniques that are obviously used today.

The Knick was produced and directed by notable film director Steven Soderbergh, who case Eve as a nurse. The part could have proved problematic for the Dublin-born actress, she says in the latest issue of W magazine.

“I’m a huge fainter,” she said. “I went with my mom to get a blood test, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God!” My mom said, ‘Eve, you’re about to play a nurse. Get your s*** together!’”

Sound advice from mom Ali Hewson. As for dad, Eve says he’s contemplating a move to the big screen too.

“My dad wants to be an actor now,” she told W with a smirk on her face. “He’s like, ‘What do you think of me being in a movie with Beyonce?’ And I said, ‘Stick to your day job!’”

Eve, who graduated New York University last year with a degree in theater studies, studied early 20th century medicine to prepare for her role, and disposed of her Irish accent in favor of an American one. During a media stop at the TV critics’ tour in LA last week, she also revealed that she wisely ditched the name her parents christened her with – Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson.

“My parents knew I’d get bullied, so I just went with Eve,” she said.