Bono says U2 will release their new album called "Songs of Experience" next year.

“We’re going to get this album out next year; unusually for us, a lot of the songs are done already,” Bono told The Irish Times last weekend.

U2 was forced to cancel a show in Stockholm on Sunday due to a security breach involving a police officer with a gun. The show was rescheduled for Tuesday.

The band also played Stockholm on Monday, and Bono made mention of the postponed show.

“We're very, very pleased to be in Stockholm and actually playing a show,” he said. "You might have heard, we had a security breach last night. I must say our audience handled it brilliantly, real cool..."

Local police were praised by Bono for their response.

“We have a message to the police, 'Thank you for being cautious and for taking care of our audience and the band.’ It was hard to cancel the show last night but it was the right thing to do… and guess what, we get to stay here for an extra night.”