Noel Gallagher says that he and Bono have agreed to disagree when it comes to the issue of giving away music for free.

The former Oasis star told Q Magazine that it’s an issue of quality over quantity: he’d rather have a few people love it than a million people take it for granted.

“U2 can turn around now and say that 750 million people . . . have their new album on their phone,” he said.

“But I would rather 750 people had my album in their hearts. To me, that’s fundamentally more important.”

Gallagher, who recently went on record saying that he’d only reform Oasis if it involved a massive amount of money, thinks that the Irish rockers undermined their artistic efforts with the highly publicized giveaway of their latest album, Songs of Innocence, on iTunes last year to much controversy.

“No one has actually said the U2 album is a [bad] record or a great record,” he pointed out. “All they’ve talked about is the delivery.”

In case you were wondering, Gallagher thinks Songs of Innocence is one of U2’s better albums.

“Every Breaking Wave,” he mused. “What a tune.”