The young wild Dublin star Colin Farrell must have had the mother of all hangovers after his birthday on set with Tom Cruise... especially after he'd cheekily asked for the day off. Cringe!

The mother of all hangovers greeted Colin Farrell on the set of his 2002 flick Minority Report which starred Tom Cruise.  Colin celebrated his 25th birthday during filming, but the after effects were painful.

The now 43-year-old remembers asking producers for the day off after his May 31 milestone but they nixed the request, Colin recently told The Mirror in the U.K.

“There were a couple of hairy days. I asked them with a great array of arrogance that they not work me the day after my birthday,” he recalled.

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“I said, ‘Please don’t have me working on June 1st, ­because my birthday is May 31st. I thought a $100 million film would at least listen to that ­request, but I worked. It was a rough night and I didn’t get any sleep.”

An older much wiser Colin Farrell.

An older much wiser Colin Farrell.

June 1 was the day from hell as a result.  One of the lines he had to deliver he still remembers like it was yesterday because ht took him 56 takes to get it right!

“The line was, ‘I’m sure you’ve all grasped the fundamental paradoxical pre-crime methodology.’ I only know it now, still, 16 years later because it caused so much panic and anxiety. It should be on my tombstone,” Colin said.

“My sister was on the set that day and she had to leave the set after 56 takes. I was a disaster.”

An older and wiser Colin has been clean and sober for several years now.

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