Aslan's Christy Dignam has survived things that would have crushed the spirit of a lesser man: sexual assault at the age of six; a long, and harrowing addiction to heroin; and now, terminal cancer. But the singer is determined to get on with life -- however long that life lasts.

The Irish Independent’s Barry Egan caught up with Dignam and his bandmate, Billy McGuinness, during an Aslan recording session at Dublin’s Windmill Lane studios recently. They were recording a track for the band’s new album, a cover of the Gilbert O’Sullivan classic “Alone Again (Naturally).”

“I feel great,” said Dignam, whose condition is currently in remission. “[But] it will come back.”

The singer says he’s “just living day-to-day” but he’s feeling great at the moment.

“That’s all I care about,” he added.

Dignam hails from Finglas, like fellow Irish rock singer Bono. Though he jokes that he and McGuinness are rough around the edges, unlike the U2 star.

“He is from . . . a little oasis of wealth in the middle of Finglas.,” laughed Dignam, adding, “Bono’s cool . . . He came up to see me when I was sick.”

“And I hope he gets well soon,” added McGuinness.