She's mega-talented and rich…but unfortunately not very classy. We speak of Ariana Grande, the 21-year-old pop superstar who was rumored to be dating One Direction’s Niall Horan.

The two met in London last week where she was performing and apparently hung out on a couple of occasions. The London tabs being what they are, they put two and two together and got five.

The touchy Ms. Grande, though, was having none of it. When asked if indeed she and Irish Niall were a thing she told The Sun, “A girl can be friends with someone with a d*** and not hop on it.”

A simple no would have done the trick, but young and lightly educated stars sometimes have problems realizing that. Ariana says she’s fed up of her romantic life overshadowing her singing.

“I'm tired of needing to be linked to a guy, I'm not Big Sean's ex, I'm not Niall's new possible girl. I'm Ariana Grande,” she added. Right.

Niall, meanwhile, seems to be taking the rumors in stride – he’s been linked to this one and that one for a long time now too. One Direction arrives in the U.S. next month for its summer stadium tour, and though the band is still popular they’re definitely not on fire the way they used to be when desperate parents snapped up tickets to their shows in seconds. Seats are definitely still available at multiple venues at face value.