Paul Rudd is sitting pretty as U.S. box-office king with his latest film Ant-Man, but his real dream, he says, is to return to Ireland to work on his close buddy Chris O’Dowd’s popular comedy Moone Boy.

Roscommon native O’Dowd is a big Hollywood star in his own right, and his Irish show Moone Boy, which airs over here on Hulu, is a big hit. Rudd guested on an episode and would love to do more, he told the Irish Independent.

“It was great because not only is it a great show, and I got to play an awesome imaginary friend. But because I got to go to Ireland and Ireland’s my favorite place on earth. No bull!” Rudd said.

“So I don’t care what happens or whatever I’m working on, if Chris writes more Moone Boy -- and I know that’s a big ‘if’ because apparently he’s done -- I’m there. At least, I better be there or I’m going to be p***ed!”