I am writing in response to Jane Stevens’ letter, “Keep Abortion Legal” in the January 19-25 issue, which was in response to Steve Casey’s pro-life letter of the previous week.

Stevens stated that Casey “has no right to dictate how a woman should take care of her body, end of story.”

That is so. However, an unborn child is NOT part of any woman’s body. He or she is a completely separate life.

As to Stevens’ comment that an unwanted pregnancy should not be forced on rape victims -- the unwanted pregnancy is forced on a woman by the rapist, not by any resulting child. Why should the innocent child receive a death sentence for the crime of his or her father?

Lastly, as to her comment that she and others are glad for the “safe option” of abortion -- it’s not very safe for the unborn child.

Orla Kavanagh
Huntington, New York