I would like once again give my sincere condolence to Tommy’s family, Thomas Jr., Patrice, Edward, and their partners.  To his grandchildren, his family here and abroad and to his beloved friend Bridie McDonnell.

Tommy Goodwin became a legend in his 50-year music career. Tommy played his first gig on the ship on his way to U.S. in 1960.  Upon arriving in the U.S. it was not very long until he was established and was playing in Red Mill, City Center and Jaeger House, Tower View Ballroom, etc.  He played with some great entertainers to name just a few -- Mary and Matty Connolly, Martin Mulhare, Mike Duneen and Billy Coleman. 

Tommy had some fond memories of his early childhood years in Maharees, Co. Kerry.  He always took pride in telling the story of his first new accordion.  He begged his father to go to Tralee to look at accordions. Upon arriving there it was a Fare Day and horses were been sold. His father bought one. When it came time to buy the accordion for Tommy he ended paying much more for the Paolo Soprano than the horse!! We always told Tommy it was definitely the best buy. It sure made its returns!

Tommy was always readily available for any charitable and fundraising events. He was very willingly gave his time and talent.

Tommy was inducted into the Music Hall of Fame at Summerville, New Jersey in October of 2008.  He was very proud of his accomplishment.  His family and friends came from near and far to congratulate him.

Tommy and I celebrated a very successful 16 years in the music industry on St Patrick’s Day this year. We made many wonderful friends, traveled here and abroad, did cruise tours and festivals. Our winters among our many great fans in the east and west coast of Florida were just fantastic times. He will be sadly missed this year.

Tommy loved the Catskill Mountains and 20 years ago bought a little home there. He was in his glory. He called it his own Kerry Mountains! Many a great music session was held on the deck, especially during Irish Arts Week.  Many musicians brought their instruments there and played till dawn.

So it is fitting that many of his friends are planning a memorial Mass at Our Lady Of Knock Shrine on September 21, 7:30 Mass.  Afterwards we will have a celebration of his life with music and dancing at the Shamrock House.

I will be performing with my musician friends Mike Sherry, Pat Burke and Terry Feeley. Will look forward to seeing you all there, and all musicians welcome to sing a song for Tommy.

Rest in Peace Tommy. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.