OF all the dastardly misdeeds this “Fianna Failed” government has perpetrated on its Irish citizens, and when you honestly think they can't get any lower, they shock you and even outdo themselves.

It's bad enough cutting into people’s dole and welfare payments in their pathetic attempts to recover the billions that's needed to make up for the corrupt, lavish and extravagant lifestyles the bankers, developers, speculators and the politicians led over the so-called Celtic Tiger years and indeed will continue to do so.

They're cutting 1 billion euro from the Health Service Executive (HSE). I guess this now means less money for trolleys in the hospitals. Patients can now sleep in their cars in the parking lot until they're called.  If it wasn't so sad it would almost be funny.

The government is also going after the most vulnerable and defenseless, namely its senior citizens.  Incredibly, but then again not really, they now intend to cut the old age pension in the upcoming budget.

So from doubling up on these same pensions at Christmas a few short years ago in bonus payments, they're actually cutting them this Christmas.
Surely at Fianna Fail’s “think tank” or drink tank meeting a few weeks ago this coalition of imbeciles could have come up with a better option than that.

Ebenezer had nothing on this bunch of cold-blooded, blabbering fools who masquerade as leaders. 

The Fine-Agle party in waiting doesn’t exactly inspire confidence either, so Ireland's economic future looks very glum, to put it mildly.

Sean McPhillips
College Point, New York