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In a chilling confession in an Irish court the man accused of murdering rugby player Shane Geoghegan in Limerick in November told Irish police how he chased his victim into the garden of a house and shot him twice in the head.

Barry Doyle, 25, from Limerick, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Geoghegan on November 9, 2008. But at his murder trial this week the court heard that Doyle told Irish police that Geoghegan's last words were: "Please stop."

Geoghegan, 28, is believed to have been shot dead in a case of mistaken identity near to his home in Clonmore in Limerick. Doyle was later arrested on suspicion of the murder on February 24, 2009.

Detective Sergeant Mark Philips of the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation interviewed Doyle on a number of occasions after the shooting  and told the court that Doyle said, "Yeah, I shot him," when asked if he had been involved in Geoghegan's murder.

Doyle then added: "I seen someone walking across the estate. I got out of the car and shot him."

Doyle also told Sergeant Philips that his gun had jammed and that Geoghegan turned and ran after he shot at him.

Doyle then pursued his victim to the back of the house. Doyle said he then shot Geoghegan twice in the head. Asked if Geoghegan said anything, Doyle replied: "Please stop."

The court was also told that Doyle confirmed he never met Geoghegan before and he was sorry he shot him.

Doyle told the detective he hadn't taken any drugs or drink before he shot him.

Asked to explain why he had shot Geoghegan Doyle replied: "Sorry I can't help ye. I shot him. I'm going to get what I deserve. I'm not afraid of anyone. I'll probably get life."

Read more: Shock at Rugby Stars Murder

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