An unidentified 28-year-old Irishman has been charged over the assault of Australian politician John Elferink.

At the time of the alleged attack, Elferink, the Country Liberals’ justice spokesman, was speaking to the media in Darwin about tougher laws on alcohol-fueled violence in Australia. The Irishman approached the politician and kicked him in the leg.

The politician, a former policeman, attempted to apprehend him and place the man under citizen’s arrest.

Two other men joined the Irishman, coming to his aid from the nearby pub. They approached the politician and allegedly “wrestled” with him according to ABC news. One of these men has also been charged with assault.

When asked by the press if he regretted apprehending the man, Elferink said, “I got involved because I think it's part of my personal civic duty. 

"I'm also six feet tall and fairly robust and probably better equipped than a lot of other people to get involved in these sorts of things and it's a judgment call.

"I could've continued to wrestle with this bloke yesterday but I chose to let him go."

The Irishmen have been released from jail on bail.

Here’s video of the attack from Channel Nine: