An Irishman is one of 100,000 people who have applied for a one-way trip to Mars in 2022.

Barry Peter, a 30-year-old IP engineer and self-proclaimed 'gadget-geek,' told that "it would be amazing to be one of the first people to populate the first off-world colony of human kind."

Mars One, a Dutch-owned space company, plans to move four people to the planet in 10 years. The astronauts will have to undergo eight years of intensive training in medical and survival skills

The mission will cost €4.5 billion. The trip funded in part by media coverage, with the company saving it will be "an ongoing, global media event, from astronaut selection to training, from liftoff to landing."

Out of the thousands of applicants, 40 will be chosen this year based on psychological skills. The first crew of four astronauts will be chosen out of these finalists to begin training for the eight month flight to Mars in September 2022. New crews will follow every two years thereafter, according to

Peter claims to be the perfect candidate, saying he's healthy and doesn't have any ties to keep him home. That's a good thing, as the journey is a non-return trip.

Peter explains why he wants to live on Mars in this video: