Who made the top list this year when it came to Irish and Irish Americans?

Our Irish Central editors have decided their list. What is yours?

Who have we left off?

Who should we have left off?

1. Daniel Day-Lewis:

Longtime Irish resident became officially the greatest Oscar winner ever and fought for a hospice in his hometown in Wicklow.

2. Megyn Kelly:

New Fox anchor is the face of Fox for the long-term  future. Sure, she think Jesus was white, but so was Martin Luther. She’ll overcome that gaffe. Bill O’Reilly’s successor.

3. Jimmy Fallon:

Shortly facing into taking over from Jay Len, the new king of Late Night is widely liked and popular.

4. Joe Biden:

Vice President takes a licking and keeps on ticking and if Hillary slips up he could move up a notch.

5. Maureen Dowd:

New York Times columnist continues to afflict the comfortable the way only she can.

6. George Clooney:

Will he /won’t he get married etc but besides all that idle gossip this Irish American star urned in a spectacular performance with Sandra Bullock in “Gravity”.

7. Doris Kearns Goodwin:

Her Lincoln biography got turned into an Oscar smash with Daniel Day-Lewis and her new book on Roosevelt is even better.

8. Michael Fassbender:

The “now” actor in Hollywood from County Kerry via Germany is tipped to be an Oscar winner in 2014 for “12 Years A Slave”.

9. Paul Ryan:

Republican congressman made the budget deal and talked sense to the GOP.

10. Bono:

Gave meaning to Mandela’s passing in superb CNN interview. Still the go-to guy when it comes to Irish celebrity.