Irish women fare better than Irish men according to the latest figures from, but they still have one of the highest rejection rates for joining the "beautiful people" site.

Irish men around the globe were stunned last week when they were outed by an online dating website as some of the ugliest males in the world. Only 9 percent of Irish men were accepted.

But now it appears that only 20 percent of Irish women who applied were accepted, a pale figure in comparison to the 68 percent of Swedish women who were cleared to join the site.

But the Irish were well ahead of German women at 13 percent and English women at 15 percent.

Spokeswoman Miki Haines-Sanger told the Irish Times: “It’s kind of like an X-Factor of beauty and it’s very addictive when you have the choice of pressing the green or red button when judging newcomers and whether they are sufficiently suitable for the site.”’s website has almost a million members across the world. But to gain admittance the exclusive “beautiful” site, you must be vetted by existing members after submitting a profile picture of yourself in your best pose.

“It would help if Irish men stopped sending in photos of themselves that they have taken in the pub,” says Miki Haines-Sanger, a spokeswomen for “And they should consider a bit of a makeover before submitting their profile photos.”

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