Irish woman Amanda Teague explains how her marriage to Jack the ghost pirate came to an end after he became an "energy vampire"

Amanda Teague, the Irish woman who made headlines after marrying the ghost of a pirate in 2016, has revealed that she has divorced her ghost husband using exorcism.

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Teague, a native of Co Louth, appeared on the British talk show This Morning on July 22 to recount her unusual relationship with Jack, a ghost of a pirate from the 1700s, and it’s ultimate demise.

Teague explained that she began to explore spirituality in 2010 after her son died in hopes of finding a “link to the other side.” She said it was five years before Jack presented himself, and even then, it took Teague months for her to believe “he was who he said he was.” 

She explains that she never encountered a physical being of Jack, but instead knew him through feelings of “energy.”

When confronted with the notion that people may see her as “mad” for her beliefs, Teague asserts that it’s no different from people who go to get tarot card readings or people who believe in some sort of god that cannot be seen.

Teague said hers and Jack’s relationship was “intimate” as opposed to “physical.”

"I've always really struggled with my sexuality from a young age,” Teague said, “I would identify as being on the asexual spectrum, so the physical body isn’t really important, it’s more about the energy connection or the chemistry.”

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Teague reveals now that the first time she noticed anything wrong with her relationship was a few months after their marriage. 

“Things happen, you can’t blame everything on the paranormal,” admits Teague, “but I also knew about spiritual attachments and possessions.”

Teague says she consulted with other people about her issues, but they assured her everything was fine. However, she says that her issues continually grew worse, eventually putting her into the hospital with a near-fatal bout of sepsis that required emergency surgery in 2018.

Teague believes her former husband Jack was the root of her problems: "He was basically like an energy vampire”

“When spirits stay around too long, they need an energy source and unfortunately Jack was using me as an energy source.”

“He had never accepted his own death,” says Teague, “so he wanted to continue living through my body.”

“In the end, a lot of red flags, and in the end, after the operation, I realized that it definitely was him and it took me a while to figure out whether he knew or not that it was definitely him, that he intended to harm me.”

“When I realized that yes, he knew, I ended up having an exorcism in December of last year.”

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Teague says that while she has longstanding health problems - none of which are mental health problems - that are never going to go away, her overall health has dramatically improved since the exorcism.

Does she regret marrying Jack? “In a way, I do regret it, and in a way, I don’t, because it’s given me a lot of lessons, it’s given me a lot of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had. I do believe that everything happens to us for a reason.”

She says that she has now cut all ties with the spiritual world.

“I was stronger than him, ultimately I’m proud of what I did, and I’m really proud that I’ve managed to get my life back together. I’m much happier now.”

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