Amanda Teague was forced to call off her relationship with the pirate ghost Jack after she became ill.

An Irish woman who wed the ghost of a Haitian pirate has claimed that the spirit tried to kill her when she broke off their relationship.

Amanda Teague legally married the pirate, named Jack, on international waters in January 2018, but said that the spirit became violent when she was forced to end the relationship due to health concerns.

Teague, who herself was a Jack Sparrow impersonator before she met the spirit, started to develop perianal abscesses and cirrhosis just two weeks after her marriage, she has claimed.

She insisted that she began to develop abscesses every time she had sexual relations with her ghostly partner, and so stopped all sexual contact.

Teague then claimed that the abscesses improved after she broke off sexual relations, but that she also developed a far more dangerous condition when she contracted sepsis last May.

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Amanda Teague during her wedding ceremony to a ghost pirate. Image: Facebook.

Amanda Teague during her wedding ceremony to a ghost pirate. Image: Facebook.

In a state of worry about her worsening health, Teague said that she confronted the spirit who she believed was “stealing her energy.” However, her attempts to break up with the ghost were met with threats against her life, according to Teague.

The ghost, who she also believed killed her dog Toby after the dog acted aggressively, became “terrifying” when Teague wanted to break up.

"It was terrifying seeing a completely different side to the lovely spirit I had seen before.

“But I knew in my heart that if I didn’t get rid of him, my health was getting so bad, that I was probably going to die anyway.”

Teague claims that her health has improved dramatically since she called it quits with the pirate ghost and that she is now finished with the spiritual world.

Teague, who has five children from a previous marriage with a living man, believed she had found her “soulmate” in Jack, who was executed over 300 years ago for theft at sea.

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Amanda Teague traveled to international waters to marry her ghost pirate former husband.

Amanda Teague traveled to international waters to marry her ghost pirate former husband.

The Jack Sparrow impersonator believes it was the pirate link that brought her own Haitian pirate to her. She even claimed the sex is better than with living men.

Having built up their relationship since 2014, the great sex wasn’t enough for Teague, however, and she gave Jack an ultimatum that she would need more commitment for their relationship to continue.

“I told him I wasn’t really cool with having casual sex with a spirit and I wanted us to make a proper commitment to each other,” she told the Irish Sun back in January 2018.

“If I am going to be in a long-term relationship with somebody I have the right to be married.

“I wanted the big traditional wedding with the white dress, it was very important to me.”

Marriage to a ghost is legal in some countries, such as France and China, and so the couple traveled to international waters to ensure the legality of their marriage would be upheld when they returned to Ireland. Jack was represented by a skull and crossbones flag while his specially designed wedding ring was placed on a candle as his could not present a hand on which it could be placed. He also gave his vows with the help of a medium while a Shaman priest presided over the marriage.