Mary Ryan from Cork, a grandmother and mother of two, died from a massive flesh eating infection after undergoing liposuction in Florida, a coroner’s inquest in Cork heard. She was resident in Florida, the Irish Independent reports.

She underwent major cosmetic surgery and liposuction at the Mesos Surgery Clinic in Lady Lake Florida, despite the fact that she had undergone cardiac bypass surgery the year before, She had liposuction of her abdomen, neck and jowls.

Ryan had been passed fit for the surgery and was discharged without any serious problems. A few days later she complained of abdominal pain.

However, she decided to take a planned Christmas vacation to her native Ireland and flew to Cork from Orlando on December 24th 2012.

She had neglected to bring antibiotics with her and her son Ian was shocked by her appearance soon after she arrived.

"She went directly up to my bedroom when she arrived. This was very unusual and she would normally say 'hello' and have a chat. I went up to check on her and she was lying on the bed," he said.

"Her stomach was looked battered and bruised," he said.

She was admitted to hospital but despite surgical procedures doctors found she had contracted a massive infection as a result of the liposuction.

Assistant State Pathologist, Dr Margaret Bolster, said Mrs Ryan had necrotising fasciiltis, an aggressive flesh eating infection.

Doctors removed all the skin from her stomach wall but the infection was rampant. She died on December 29th.

"The public perception of liposuction as a minor procedure fails to recognise the complications and possible fatal outcomes," Dr Bolster said.

Coroner Dr Cullinane said liposuction is "not without its potential difficulties...this has been well reviewed. She was very unfortunate."