Police in Ireland are waiting on instructions from the DPP in regards to the suicide of a Dublin woman in 2011. Bernadette Forde took her own life after gardai prevented her from travelling to an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.

The Irish Examiner reports that Bernadette Forde, who was suffering from multiple sclerosis, was found dead in her apartment in June 2011 after what was determined to be an overdose.

Gardai had prevented Forde from travelling to Switzerland to go to the Dignitas clinic, an assisted suicide facility, with a friend. Forde was in the final stages of multiple sclerosis.

Following her death, gardai launched an investigation. Det Insp Sean Campbell, requesting a further adjournment of the inquest into her death, said a file went to the DPP last August and gardai have responded with some subsequent queries.

A decision in the case was expected “fairly soon” but it’s not possible to say when, said Det Insp Sean Campbell to the Dublin Coroner’s Court.

Det Insp Campbell added that there were events in another court which may have a bearing on the case.

Bernadette Forde’s case is particularly significant as Marie Fleming, a 59 year old woman who is also suffering from multiple sclerosis, is also fighting for her right to assisted suicide in Ireland. The Irish High Court recently rejected her appeal to the absolute ban on assisted suicide.