Ireland has issued a public warning against a ‘miracle solution’ touted by an American church group holding a conference in Dublin this weekend.

The ‘Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS), sold by the Genesis II Church for Health and Healing, claims to cure a vast range of conditions, including autism, HIV, cancer, malaria and auto-immune diseases.

The FDA has banned MMS here in the US and issued a public warning in 2010 after it received a number of complaints regarding MMS users who suffered from dangerous reactions such as “nausea, vomiting and low blood pressure from dehydration.”

Both Canada and the UK have taken similar measures against the product, which when “activated” (in the church’s terminology) becomes chlorine-dioxide – otherwise known as industrial strength bleach.

Genesis II was founded in 2006 as a non-religious church and is currently headquartered in the Dominican Republic. Its founder is a man named Jim Humble – reportedly a former aerospace engineer and miner – who discovered MMS after using it to cure malaria sufferers on a gold prospecting trip in Venezuela in 1996.

The MMS cure consists of a 28% sodium chlorite drops solution, which is mixed with water and then “activated” with citric acid to become chlorine dioxide.

The church is holding its MMS conference, billed as a “water purification seminar,” in Monkstown, Dublin this weekend. Entry costs $360 at the door, and attendees who learn the protocols for preparing MMS are then "registered" within the church to administer the cure to others.

The solution is marketed as a water purifier because neither the church nor its product are licensed by any official authority.

Ireland’s Health Products Regulatory Authority and Food Safety Authority both issued public warnings on Thursday after being informed of the conference by the Irish Examiner newspaper.

In the video below, Genesis II Church founder Jim Humble tells his story: