A Dublin toddler who spent ten months in the U.S. undergoing revolutionary treatment, has finally made it home to Ireland.

Sergio O’Connor was treated at the Oesophageal Advanced Centre in the Children's Hospital Boston where he had his oesophagus repaired, giving him a better quality of life.

Sergio and his father Donal travelled home to Ireland on February 13th by air-ambulance with refueling stopovers in Newfoundland and Iceland before arriving in Dublin to be reunited with twin brother Tadhg and mom Rosa. He is being cared for at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin in Dublin.

"Sergio is about to have his first bath in 10 months and is fascinated by the water," his father Donal O'Connor told the Evening Herald.

"He's on a lot of medication which needs overseeing but we're hoping to get home to Donnycarney in the next few weeks." O’Connor added.

Sergio was born with a number of complications. Among the most severe was an incomplete oesophagus which prevented him from eating, drinking or swallowing.

The toddler was flown to Boston Children’s Hospital last April in an Irish government jet for a revolutionary treatment known as the Foker process. The cutting edge procedure stimulated the growth of his oesophagus, thus giving him a better quality of life.

For more on Sergio's story visit www.helpsergio.com.

Watch a video of Sergio’s return trip home to Ireland