An Irish Medical Council fitness to practice hearing has heard that, an Irish-trained, doctor pinched the nipples of one of his patients in a manner described as “sadistic."

According to reports in the Irish Times, South African-born, Dr Rashid Motala, who studied at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, is facing seven charges of misconduct involving five female patients.

Louise Thomas, one of his patients present at the hearing, said she had her nipples “squeezed viciously” by Motala during a work sponsored medical screening text in London in 2007.
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All of the allegations against are related to examinations which took place in Britain. The hearing is taking place in Ireland as he is registered as an Irish doctor having qualified from the Irish college in 1984.

Motala denies all charges. Allegations again him include that he examined another patient in an inappropriate manner for his own sexual gratification and also offered to examine a third patient.
Thomas also told the hearing that at the end of her examinations Motala demanded that she have a breast examination in such a way that she felt “foolish” and said no. She said he grabbed her so quickly that she did not have time to shout.

During the hearing she was asked if she believed Motala’s motivation was sexual. She said, “I’m trying to say that he got pleasure out of hurting me. It might not have been sexual, but it could have been sadistic.”

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