The second person to die from swine flu in Ireland was an Allied Irish Bank (AIB) employee who had no underlying medical condition before catching the H1N1 virus.

Billy Graham, who was in his early 50s and worked for the anti-fraud department in the bank, became the second Irish swine flu fatality when he passed away at Beaumont hospital in Dublin on August 17.

It is understood that Graham did not have any underlying medical condition and was not in any high risk group. Those who suffer from diabetes asthma, obesity, chronic heart, kidney, liver of neurological disease are considered to be high risk.

The first fatality occurred in August 7, when an 18-year-old Sligo woman who had cystic fibrosis died after contracting the H1N1 virus.

Though the Health Service Executive (HSE) warned that some deaths were inevitable, the fact that the late Mr. Graham was in apparent good health will be of some concern to the general public.

Though primary and secondary schools are expected to open as normal for the school year at the start of September, a survey carried out on 400 parents in Ireland by revealed that 7 percent of parents would not let their children attend classes due to fears over the H1N1 virus.