An Irishman man arrested after streaking at a baseball game has avoided jail time and deportation.

A Co Down man who streaked across a baseball field last Saturday at a game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners has been released without prison time and without the threat of deportation but has been banned from the stadium where his cheeky stunt took place. 

David McClearn, 28, stripped off and crossed the field on the encouragement of an $80 bet with friends but some found himself in more trouble than he bargained for after being tackled to the ground, arrested and facing the possibility that he would be deported back to Ireland. The Irishman had been living in Vancouver, Canada, for a number of years.

When the streak first took place, Sports Illustrated identified that the man was Irish, pointing out a Shamrock tattoo on his posterior which they said identified his nationality.

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Estrada threw a gem last night. 1-hitter through 7. Jay's win.. Playing like they're in contention not the M 's. And then there was this guy #BlueJays #MarinersJays #Mariners #STREAKER

— Jeff Bromley (@JeffBromley1) August 5, 2018

However, the magazine said, as he was living in Vancouver and could face deportation as streaking at a sports game is considered a serious offense.

Due to appear in Seattle Municipal Court on Thursday, the Seattle City Attorney’s Office confirmed it had struck a deal with the Irishman and has he had no previous criminal offenses, would simply be banned from the field.

“This morning our office offered Mr. McClearn a six-month dispositional continuance, and he accepted,” Dan Nolte, a spokesperson for the office, told

“This means that the criminal trespass charge will remain on Mr. McClearn’s record for the next six months

Update: according to my source with the King County Sheriff’s office, last night’s streaker is still incarcerated. Since he is an Irish national, he could now be deported. Charges are very serious. All this because I’m told his buddies bet him $80..

— Hazel Mae (@thehazelmae) August 5, 2018

“However it will be struck off after that provided he is not convicted of any new criminal law violations, does not enter Safeco Field, and immediately notifies the court of any change of address.

“The charges will be cleared from his record and he will not face conviction.

“In that Mr. McClearn has no criminal history, we felt this was the most appropriate way to resolve the incident,” he added.

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