Want to know why Ireland is in such dire financial trouble? Well it may have to with the incredible salaries that government workers of almost all stripes earn compared to their U.S. counterparts.

Here is a comparison:

Remember we are comparing a country with 320 million people and fifty states to one of 4.5 million people or the size of the state of Maine.

1. President of the United States $400,000
  President of Ireland $433,000

2. Secretary of State , America $191,300
Irish Foreign Minister $270,000

3. Senator, America $174,000
Member of Parliament, Ireland $136,000

4. Top Department head U.S. government $150,000
Top civil servant Ireland $400,000

5.Salary CEO head of Pacific Gas and Electric serving 15 million people $1.1 million
Salary ESB serving 4.5 million people $1.1 million

6. U.S. Secretary of Heath and Human services $131,000
CEO  Health Service Executive Ireland $422,00

7. CEO  of Dublin Airport Authority: $748,000
CEO New York Port Authority (handling La Guardia, Kennedy, Newark) $286,000

Any wonder the Irish are in trouble?