Irish TDs (members of parliament) will face large deductions in their salaries if they do not show up for work at the Irish parliament.

The new measures, which may be introduced in Ireland's budget next week, would see TDs clocking in and out with swipe cards.

Those who fail to clock in and out will be docked pay.

The new measures are part of a Government plan to cut $6 billion in costs to try and rein in the economic catastrophe in Ireland.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of TDs are opposed to such a system.

Speaking to the Irish Independent Cathaoirleach of the Seanad, Pat Moylan said that individuals should not be singled out for unfair treatment.

"The way I look at it, if elected members are going to clock in, then every employee should clock in. There's no point asking elected members and not hundreds of employees.

Why should I have to clock in if others don't have to." he said.

Another measure which is causing no small amount of distress to Irish politicians is the proposal to make them vouch for their expenses.

The new measures plan to introduce a vouching system whereby all TDs will have to provide proof of expenses.

In addition, the expenses, which have cost over $36million in expenses in the last 3 years alone, will be published on the Internet, in detail.

The Government also looks set to do away with a smaller perk of the job; free stamped envelopes allotted to every TD.

The Oireachtas envelopes cost the taxpayer over $320,000 a year and are used by TDs to reply to constituents.