One of Ireland’s leading sexual disease experts has claimed priests, judges and politicians are romping with prostitutes on a regular basis.

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Urologist Dr Derek Freedman even made the claim to members of the Irish parliament during a discussion on sexually transmitted infections.

The Irish Sun newspaper reports on the claims by Dr Freedman that passionate Irish priests are ‘getting their frocks off’ with prostitutes.

The sex doctor told the Irish Sun: “People from all strands of society use prostitutes from time to time.

“It ranges from members of the Oireachtas, the clergy, the judiciary to people who are socially deprived, physically disabled and people who may be regarded as unattractive and may not be able to meet people.”

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Based at St James’ Hospital in Dublin, Dr Freedman added that while people often feel anxious about contracting infections after visiting a prostitute, he believes that ‘you’re probably safer with a professional than with a gifted amateur.'

The genito-urinary physician said: “It is a mystery why some people pay for sex because so much of it is freely available in Irish society.

“What we forget is that often sex workers give great comfort to people who are lonely.

“Sex workers have a special place in society that is never rewarded or recognized.

“Why people should have to pay for sex is a mystery but some people are terribly shy.”

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