TD Denis Naughten slammed the Irish government and their abundant loopholes that have making Ireland a “safe haven” for pedophiles.

The Sun reports on TD Naughten’s comments, and the plans he put forward in order to help curtail the prevalance of pedophiles in Ireland.

TD Naughten said, “A convicted high-risk pedophile can visit Ireland and roam freely without registering with the Gardai for up to a week.”

The TD pointed out that there have been several instances where pedophiles who are wanted in the UK or Northern Ireland were later located within the Republic. Specifically, he mentioned Edward Connors, a convicted rapist who was located in Dublin last July after raping an American tourist in Belfast four years prior.

Naughten went on to slam what he called the Government’s “ongoing failure to close a gaping hole in the law” on registering sex offenders. 

He added, “This dangerous loophole in the monitoring of high-risk offenders remains open for abuse.”

Included in his proposed measures were the improvement of measures for early alerts. It would also clear the way for gardai to warn families about convicted sex offenders in their midst.

He said the new law would “encourage parents to report suspicious activity by allowing gardai to disclose relevant information about a high risk offender in the community.”

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