Irish police hope to finally be able to interview the prominent sports journalist who allegedly had sex with a minor now that he has been discharged from the hospital.

The Sunday World newspaper in Ireland previously named the journalist as Tom Humphries, an award-winning sportswriter for The Irish Times.

The investigation was launched last March after Humphrey’s own daughter allegedly discovered inappropriate text messages he had sent to the minor on an old phone, according to the Independent.

He was coach of a girls camogie team (female version of hurling) and had allegedly formed a close freindship with one of the young girls.

However, the journalist was admitted to the hospital for medical treatment shortly after the investigation was launched and police were unable to talk to him about the complaint.


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Now that he has been discharged, investigation officers are waiting for the go-ahead from his doctors to carry out the interview.

His daughter allegedly found the texts as well as photographs of the under-age girl and showed the texts to other members of her family. They contacted the police and handed over the phone.

Police have completed an interview with the under-age girl about her relationship with the journalist, which is alleged to have started while he was coaching the girl in a GAA team.

He could face a maximum sentence of life in prison if he is charged and convicted of statutory rape.