Irish motorists have reported seeing a runaway llama sporting a red halter around its neck, grazing on the side of the road and in nearby fields in County Wicklow.
Police seized five llamas and three goats from a traveling circus last month. It was reported that they were being mistreated, and the circus owners were asked to pay a fine to release them. The animals miraculously disappeared a few days after their seizure. 
There is a possibility that the llama may be one of those that disappeared from the Meath compound last month. 
Speaking to the Irish Independent, Arie Der Wel from Cappagh Nurseries said it was highly unusual to see a llama roaming the roads, "The only exotic animals you are likely to find around here are deer and sheep," he said.
A police spokesperson said that the rugged wooded terrain in Wicklow would make it difficult to locate the exotic animal.
Motorists reported seeing the llama graze on the side of the Aughrim road and peeping into passing cars.

Police are investigating whether or not a local woman may be keeping the animal as a pet.