Ireland is a "hotspot" for alien activity and many Irish pilots have risked death to avoid colliding into extraterrestrial spacecraft, according to UFO experts.

Carl Nally, founder of UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland, says that he's met several pilots who have had close encounters with UFO.

"Most of them say that, as they were coming in to land, they were diverted around this cloud, which had a solid object inside it," he told the Sun.

He added: “A detective garda got footage of a triangular-shaped flying object shooting beams into the ground in Dunboyne, Co Meath, on his mobile phone.”

Nally founded UPRI in 1998 with fellow UFO enthusiast Dermot Butler. They believe that the 1968 Tuskar Rock air tragedy, which killed 61 people, was caused by aliens. Nally and Butler wrote a book, called 'States of Denial,' about the incident, in which an Aer Lingus plane mysteriously crashed off the Wexford coast.

Nally says that with the many apparent UFO sightings in Cork and Dublin, the Irish government should follow in the footsteps of France, Germany and the UK and release its official documents about suspected paranormal activity.

“We’ve got lots of reports coming in all the time. Cork, Wicklow and Roscommon are particular hotspots.

“Some people joke that we’ve been drinking too much. But we’ve got signed affidavits from people who have witnessed UFOs — and none of them have been sent off for psychiatric evaluation.”

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