The Department for Foreign Affairs planned $556k (€550k) revamp of the Irish passport will "incorporate modern security measures with images of Irish culture that represent Irish heritage — our diverse culture, ecology and communities”.

Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) plans to spend $556k (€550k) on a full revamp of the Irish passport. The Irish governmental department plans on having the new Irish passport ready in four to six months.

The Irish government issued 800k so far in 2022 and 935k in 2021. 

“The development of the new generation of Irish passport book is of crucial important — in terms of security, the integrity of the Irish passport, supporting the objectives of the Irish Government, meeting the needs of Irish citizens and as a medium for the communication of Irish culture and values," the DFA said.

"The Irish passport is recognized as a trusted and secure travel document. High-quality design of the new passport book and card is central to maintaining the integrity and reputation of the Irish passport.” 

They added that the new Irish passport would incorporate "modern, proven security features with Irish cultural and heritage themes”.

The standard new Irish passport will contain 32 pages while the larger one will contain 64 pages. The redesign will also include the emergency travel passport, the diplomatic and official passport, the passport card and the emergency travel certificate.

Over the past few years, due to high demand and the Covid pandemic there has been delays in the passport office. The Irish Examiner reports that simple passport renewals are currently taking ten days. 

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