The Irish parliament was suspended for a period on Tuesday after a row erupted between the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams, over the disappearance of Jean McConville.

The Sinn Fein President criticized the Fine Gael and Labour Parties over the harsh nature of Ireland’s Budget 2013’s details, on Tuesday afternoon.

Kenny responded by saying he wished he could get some exact details on Adams’ past. The leader of the Irish government said it is time that Adams told the truth about his past. He specifically mentioned the mother of ten, Jean McConville, who was murdered by the IRA.

Kenny said, “I would love to hear you speak the truth about some elements of your past.

“You might some day tell the truth about the tragedy and the remorse and about the compassion that should have been shown for Jean McConville. Maybe you might do that, Deputy Adams.”

Furious, Adams requested that Kenny withdraw his remark. He refused.

Adams said a charge had been made by Kenny and it was up to Ceann Comhairle (Speaker / Chairman) Sean Barrett to defend his right to ask questions of the Taoiseach.

He added, “I want the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) to withdraw that remark.”

Barrett said he could not force anybody to withdraw a charge. The chairman then suspended the house for ten minutes.

Adams protested once more when the parliament resumed.

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Although he has been repeatedly asked to make a statement to the Irish parliament about the McConville case, Adams has forcefully rejected any suggestion that he played a part in her murder.

Earlier this year, former IRA bomber Dolours Price said that Adams had ordered her to ferry captives, including McConville, across the Irish border to be murdered.

McConville’s case was the most famous of the IRA “Disappeared” cases in Ireland. These are victims of the IRA whose bodies were found in the Republic of Ireland.

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