Serial bigamist Oliver Killeen has been convicted of bigamy in Toronto, Canada after marrying 19 women without getting a divorce.

In 2005, Killeen, now 75-years-old, served an 18 month prison sentence, also for bigamy, in London. The Mayo News reports that most of his marriages took place in England during the 1980s and 90s. However, he was also based in Waterford.\

Killeen plead guilty to one count of bigamy in 1978 when he married Barbara Daniels. He’s now set to serve a 90-day sentence which he will only serve at weekends.

He once boasted to a Toronto Star reporter, “When you’re as good as me, they can’t (keep away)…They say they’re hypnotized. And that is true.”

The man dubbed the “Irish Casanova” once told the Daily Mail, “Conning women is easy…I studied psychology and behavior patterns. I presented myself as a dashing, suave sort of guy and women fell for it.”

According to reports in the Toronto Sun, he told the Ontario Court Justine John Moore, “I regret the mess I find myself in.”


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Killeen married Daniels in 1978, even though he was already legally married. In court, Daniels told of her seven years in “hell” married to Killeen. She said he was verbally abusive and constantly wrote bad checks. Between 1971 and 1977 he amassed 54 false pretense convictions.

“It was hell what I went through, just pure hell,” said Daniels, a 70-year-old nurse in Ottawa, said.

“The hurt he’s left in his wake is devastating. But there’s nothing about what he did to anyone else. It’s all about him.”

In 1985 she finally left him. She was shocked to find that she could not file for a divorce as Killeen was still married to Agnes Clooney who he had married in 1974.

Daniels said, “Women are commodities to him.”

During the 1990s, Killeen established himself as a celebrity psychologist in Ireland. He had his own TV show, a syndicated column, and three radio shows before being found out while giving “expert” evidence in court. He then fled to London.

The Ontario prosecutor said that the Mayo man’s age, his guilty pleas, and other mitigating factors were being considered in relation to his sentencing.