Local police in North Carolina are investigating the death of a Limerick man, who was killed during a suspected domestic disturbance in his home in the town of Wallburg.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s office received an emergency call to the house at 3am Sunday morning and arrived to find father-of-two Jason Corbett (39) in his home with fatal head injuries.

Corbett, who is originally from the Janesboro area of Limerick city, moved to the US four years ago with his two children, Jack (8) and Sarah (10). The family moved to the US following the death of Corbett’s first wife Mags Corbett who died from an asthma attack in 2006.

It is believed that Corbett had been living in North Carolina with his new American partner.

Emergency services found Corbett unconscious and unresponsive inside his house having suffered severe head injuries. He was given medical treatment but subsequently died at the scene.

Preliminary results of the investigation indicate that Corbett sustained fatal injuries during a domestic disturbance and detectives are said to be following a definite line of inquiry. Although no arrests have yet been made, investigators have confirmed that they are not looking for anybody from outside the home.

“There are persons of interest within the family,” Davidson County Sheriff David Grice said in a statement.

“We are currently still investigating and waiting for autopsy results.”

The item used to inflict the injuries was found at the scene.

The Limerick man is a brother of well-known Limerick community activist Tracey Lynch, the chief executive of Tait House in Southill.

“We’re absolutely devastated. He was a really loving brother,” she told the Irish Times.

“He was caring and good fun to be around, a terrific man and a great dad to his kids. He was devoted to them.”

"He enjoyed life and traveling and had a huge amount of friends and family on both sides of the Atlantic."

Lynch now plans to travel to the US to repatriate her brother's remains and to bring his two children back to Ireland.

“I am just trying to arrange to bring my brother's body back and his children to Ireland," she told the Herald.

"I am their guardian and all I want to do is get them back here with my brother."