Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny told the public he welcomed the killing of Bin Laden and remembered the Irish American victims of 9/11.

He said: "Today we think of the victims of those attacks, including those from the Irish American community." He also said the international community "must redouble efforts" to address the causes of terrorism and to build a world of peace, security and prosperity for all.

The Prime Minister said  "The removal of Osama bin Laden's ability to plot heinous acts is a major achievement in the effort to rid the world of the threat of terrorism…The events in Pakistan yesterday do not mean that the international community should let up in its efforts to address the threat that international terrorism continues to pose for us all."

At Ground Zero, in downtown Manhattan, there was an outpouring  of joy and emotion as mothers, husbands, sons, siblings, friends and families of those lost on 9/11 rejoices.

A retired FDNY deputy chief, James Riches, told the New York Post that he felt a rush of patriotism when he heard the news but also a rush of grief for the son, James Jr, who he lost on 9/11. He said "At least we know that the guy who was responsible for crushing our loved ones to death has been killed…It still doesn't change the fact that my son won't walk through the door."

Just one hour after President Obama's announcement 1,000 people had gathered at Ground Zero chanting "USA! USA!", spraying champagne and shouting in jubilation. A procession of firefighters paraded down Church Street, holding flags.

FDNY firefighter, Pete Brady started the small parade to pay their respects to those who had died on 9/11. He said "My best friend's dad was killed at Ground Zero. We lost a lot of folks."


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