An Irish man who was running an international prostitution ring has been ordered to repay €2.2 million of his criminal profits or face another decade in jail.

Thomas Carroll, originally from Bagnelstown, Co. Carlow, controlled more than 35 brothels all across Ireland from his rented home in Pembrokeshire in Wales.

Judge Neil Bidder at Cardiff Crown Court ruled that Carroll’s assets were purchased from the proceeds of crime and ordered that he sell numerous possessions including four Welsh houses, three South African houses and four cars in order to repay the debts.

He is currently serving a seven year term for money laundering and other related offenses.

During his trial in February, the court heard that Carroll was the leader of an organized crime gang that included his 33-year-old wife Shamiela Clark, and his 27-year-old daughter Toma Carroll.

His wife was sentenced to two and a half years for conspiracy to control prostitution as well as one year for money laundering offenses. Meanwhile, his daughter was jailed for two years for money laundering.

The court heard that Carroll had fled to Wales to avoid prosecution after he was questioned by Irish police in 2006 over his network of brothels. Once in Wales he continued to run his business back in Ireland from his rented accommodation.

Mark Philips, deputy director of Serious Organised Crime Agency said, "Criminals running operations like this think they are untouchable. They exploit borders, treat people as commodities for profit and destroy their victims' lives."

The court heard that prostitutes were recruited through Internet advertisements and in newspapers. Women as young as 15 were trafficked into the U.K. from South America and Nigeria.

The trial heard that some of the women were subjected to "terrifying and humiliating" rituals which involved killing chickens.

Judge Bidder said, "This defendant has shown that he is prepared to squirrel away in properties abroad the proceeds of his prostitution business. He is a convicted money launderer. He is determined and astute."

Thomas Carroll pictured being lead from Cardiff Crown CourtWALES NEWS SERVICE