An Irish man is facing up to 18 years behind bars for the June 2010 shooting and killing of Daniel Smith, 24, outside a bar in Spain.

Reports say Eric ‘Lucky’ Wilson, 26, who shot Dan 11 times—including twice in the jaw, in the spine and testicles—outside of the Lounge Bar, in Riviera, was set to appear in court in Malaga Provincial Court on the week of July 11.

The incident transpired after Smith reportedly defended his female friend Georgia who was groped by Wilson.  A fight broke out between the two men and after pushing Smith across the bar Wilson jumped on his motorcycle and said he was “going home to get a gun to sort him out.”

Documents prepared by a local prosecutor were published by the Sunday World, revealed that when Wilson arrived he pulled out a 9mm pistol and he shot twice at Smith as he attempted to get up from his seat and fell to the ground.

Wilson, originally from Ballyfermot, South Dublin, then continued to shoot at the victim as he lay on the ground and the prosecutor confirmed that 11 bullets have been shot into Smith; “including twice in the jaw, twice in the spine and two bullets hit the left and right testicles."


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Wilson was arrested at his farm in Coin, Spain less than 48 hours after the attack and explosives, grenades and fake passports were found inside the house after a search. Wilson is said to be a criminal involved in several different gun attacks and is being linked to some of Dublin’s most violent gangs including the IRA.

Wilson is wanted in Ireland for other crimes and ironically Daniel Smith was also wanted in the UK for his involvement in the shooting of businessman Doug Turner in July 2007.
Smith’s mother claims her son was set up by older men and says that her son was completely innocent in that case.

Karen Wetherell, the victim’s mother is bringing a separate prosecution against Wilson for the death of her 24-year-old son in hopes of a longer sentence.

Irish hit-man fired 11 bullets in pointless Spain massacre