A survey, released last week, by Durex has revealed that most Irish men and women, between the ages of 25 and 34 are having sex an average of three or four times a week.

The survey also identified five main sex acts the Irish Durex survey found that 44 percent of Irish people speak about sexual fantasies with their partners, 40 percent watch porn together and 20 percent either engage in spanking or role play.  

It also found that nine percent indulge in bondage, 25 percent love phone sex and ten percent have made a naughty home movie. Also out the 1,000 people questioned 11 percent said they had engaged in a threesome.  

Miriam Abel, Durex Brand Manager for Ireland, said “The results from our sex surveys show that as a nation, we're more liberated than ever and not afraid to try new things in, and out, of the bedroom.

 “Not only are we having more sex, it's better quality too, we know what we want and we enjoy enhancing our sex lives,” she said, speaking to the Irish Independent.

 Simon (37), a journalist from Dublin, told the Independent that sex is an important way of relieving stress for him. He said “I'd probably have sex with my girlfriend about three times a week…After a hard day at work there's nothing better to get rid of the day's anxieties. Sometimes it's long and sensual, other times it's a bit more wham, bam, thank you ma'am -- but it's always great!" 

Clare (55), a Dublin divorcee, said she recently realized that younger men were a big turn on for her. She said “I met a young man in the bar and it wasn't long before we ended up in bed. I nearly died when he told me he was 28 but we went on to have fantastic sex and it gave me a new-found confidence. Now I would not even look at a man my age.” 

What is certainly true is that the sex industry in Ireland has not been affected by the plummeting economy. Kinkydevil.ie, Ireland’s biggest online adult store, said their business is growing by ten percent every year.  

A spokesperson from the site said “I'd have to say that Ireland is one of the kinkiest places in Europe if not the world. Per capita there are a higher number of sales of sex toys and clothing than in many other parts of the western world. In particular the Irish love their costumes, latex wear and slap and ticklers." 

The Durex survey also found that it’s not just the spring chickens in Ireland that are getting up to kinky antics. The survey showed that 73 percent of respondents are convinced that sex gets better with age.  

Joan (62), from Waterford, said “I may be old but I am not past it and I still enjoy a good hour-long session -- longer if the man can last!...Sex makes me feel like a young woman. My birth certificate says my age but my mind thinks it's something completely different." 

She also admitted that she is also one of a growing number of Irish people who are signing up to sites like Irishswingers.ie. She said “I had my first threesome in July this year with two guys who I spent a week with in a caravan and I can tell you it was pretty hot. It had been a while since I have had sex nearly every night but I have to say it was something I had always wanted to do.” 

The site’s administrator, Philip Patrick, said “Attitudes to age have changed -- 50 is the 30. 

“I've been surprised by how many more mature men and women are looking to get involved in swinging. I think it's when the children have flown the coop and the couple want to spice up their sex life but after so many years together there's nothing new to discover. The couple still love each other, but want to try something new and exciting together."