The first allocation of 3,850 working holiday visas for Canada were gone less than 10 minutes after they were released last week.

The two-year International Experience Canada (IEC) visas allow Irish people aged 18-35 and their children to live in the country for up to two years. The application system for the program opened at 8pm Irish time on Thursday night.

Canada and Ireland signed an agreement last week allocating a total of 10,700 IEC permits have been allocated for Irish people this year. Up from the 6,350 permits that were allowed last year.

The demand was so high for the IEC visas in 2013 that it was decided to release the 7,700 working holiday visas available this year in two rounds.

The Irish Times reported that applicants who were unsuccessful in their attempts last week took to social media to complain about the system. Many said they had been in the process of uploading documents when the quota ran out.

Those who were unsuccessful in the first round will have a chance to apply for the second round of visas at a later date to be announced by the Canadian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.