A former beauty queen who has endured years of excruciating headaches with no medical explanation, woke up one day to find herself with a different voice.

Phoenix native Michelle Myers tried to sleep off a severe migraine one day, and awoke from her nap with an Irish accent.

After being subjected to ridicule, the single mother of seven was diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome in 2015.

To date, there have only been 150 cases of confirmed Foreign Accent Syndrome around the world.

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Speaking of the moment that changed her life, the 45-year-old woman told The Daily Mail, "I'd had a splitting headache and when I woke up, my voice was that of a completely different person."

"I found it really difficult to begin with and people would think it was a joke - saying things like, "You sound like a Spice Girl," or, "Are you Mary Poppins?" It was hard, because I was really struggling," she added.

As Myers described herself as a funny person by nature, it was nearly impossible for people and her family to believe this was a genuine condition.

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Her voice returned to normal after eight days, and she tried to shake off the freak incident.

However, three years later, she was on a garden swing when she began to experience blinding head pain. Moments later, she blacked out, and when she came to, she yelled out in an Australian accent. 

While the Aussie twang subsided in a few days, a year later Myers had a frightening wake up call.

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As her brother rushed her to hospital, she realized she was losing the ability to control the left side of her body. Her cognitive function was rapidly declining, and the English lilt once again appeared.

To date, her voice has not returned to normal – which has caused huge identity crisis issues. Myers revealed that people have speculated that she is her children's British nanny, or that she is trying to dupe them into believing she is an American-born citizen.

Now, Myers is an author, advocate and public speaker on the matter.

How would you feel if you suddenly woke up with a new accent? Tell us in the comment section.

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