SEE PHOTOS - some of the shots from the Irish Fire Calendar 2011

The Irish Fire Calendar will be launched later this month by Firemen, from all over Ireland, to raise money for Beaumont Hospital Foundation, along with various other Irish charities. 

From 2007 to 2009 the Dublin Fire Brigade had their own stripped bare charity calendar which was a massive success. Over the three years they raised over $453,327 for the Irish Cancer Society, the National Council for the Blind and the Cystic Fibrosis Hopesource Foundation.

Although raising this amount of money for charity must surely be a good thing, with you tops on or off, the Brigade station bosses felt they didn’t like the Dublin Fire Brigade boys posing being involved and the 2010 calendar was called off. However, the Irish Fire Calendar is now here to fill that void.

A fire department source told the Evening Herald “Firefighters in Northern Ireland will be able to take part if they want….The designated charities are still being negotiated but the Irish Cancer Society will definitely still be there.

"It's hoped that another four charities will be on board, the same as the Dublin Fire Brigade calendar."

Every county will be represented by the models. During the first three years of Dublin Fire Brigade Calendar it sold 20,000 copies making it one of the most popular charity calendars in the world.

The calendar will be officially launched on Monday, November 15, and will be available for $13.75 (€10) at

SEE PHOTOS - some of the shots from the Irish Fire Calendar 2011