An Irish family who are fundraising for a life-changing operation in the US for their two-year old daughter have been targeted by thieves twice in 10 days.

Eamon and Lynda Murphy from Dundalk, Co Louth are trying to raise €100,000 to pay for surgery for their daughter Zoe Murphy, who was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and will struggle to walk.

The money they raise will go to pay for surgery and physiotherapy for Zoe at St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri.

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Thousands of euro have been raised so far, which unfortunately, have made the Murphy home a target for thieves, the Irish Independent reports.

“We understand that with all the good coming for Zoe we must take some bad," the family wrote in a statement on Facebook.

"After two attempted break-ins at our house in 10 days we must assume that it’s no coincidence so feel we should stress something we thought everyone would just assume anyway.

"At no point is money for Zoe’s operation kept in our house. We have two committees with treasurers who handle all funds collected for Zoe and deal with the bank accounts.

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“We have no access to money nor personally store any money especially where our children live."

“We can’t believe we have to put this up when everything is going so good for Zoe, but felt it important as we can only believe we are being targeted.

“Thank you all for all your kindness and support.”

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