A video has emerged which shows a group of Irish men and one woman fist fighting during a night out in Perth.

The two and a half minute footage shows the group fighting outside a bar in Lake St, in Northbridge.

The scuffle continued for over two minutes and was interrupted when a police officer arrives on the scene.

The Irish Echo reports the footage was posted on Youtube by Muhammad Nadeem Ismail who witnessed the fist fight at 11pm on Sunday night.

A WA police spokesperson told the newspaper that they had received no reports regarding the incident.

This is not the first time antisocial behavior by the Irish in Perth made the headlines.

Last May Australian police have ordered a crackdown on the drunken Irish workers causing chaos in the Western city of Perth.

A police spokesperson said at the time: “It is clear that there are some significant differences in the policing of licensed premises in Australia to those in Ireland,” said Inspector Paul Steel.

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“Young people have been warned that if they don’t abide by the law their visas will be investigated and they could face possible deportation.

In response St Finbarr’s GAA club sent its members an emailing stating that: “Perth police are extremely unhappy and appalled by the anti social behaviour taking place all too often on the streets and in the pubs across Perth.

“Even rental agencies are not willing to rent properties to Irish people in Perth as they are getting destroyed during parties and being left in terrible conditions once vacated.

“Please spread the word to your fellow Irish, as this is affecting all of our reputations here, not only the people who are causing the trouble.”

In other news last weekend a young Wexford man was stabbed in the western Australian city.

Kenny Meyler, 21, from Wexford town, emigrated to Australia two years ago and is reported to be in a critical condition in hospital.

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