The Belfast man who has helped to spread the popularity of soccer in the United States by way of the hugely popular radio show he runs from Los Angeles on Sirius satellite radio is to start a new Manchester United podcast from this week.

Philip Brown has carved out a career in the United States as a soccer pundit, appearing on television and radio shows, but now he is to turn his attention to a dedicated program on his favorite Premier League team.

Although there are hundreds of Manchester United podcasts available, Philip’s strong connections with Old Trafford mean his will be a must-listen - an example being how two years ago he was the first man to announce that David Moyes would be sacked from the manager’s job at United.

Phil, who is a regular pundit on ESPN and the Young Turks online channel, told the Irish Echo the new show would be worth a listen for fans of the Red Devils, who, as it happens, play Southampton at Old Trafford later today, “Friday Night Lights” games being a new thing for the Premiership.

“Through the close relationships I have within Old Trafford I have repeatedly been able to break transfers over the years on social media, so I have decided to team up with lifetime United fan and Salford native, Martin Wallwork, to bring a unique perspective on United every week,” he said.

To listen to Phil’s podcast go to

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