A cat in Co Donegal made a miraculous escape after trapping its head in a glass jar for five days. 

An Irish cat that spent five days with its head encased in a glass jar has made a miraculous escape with the help of a volunteer. 

The cat was spotted in Co Donegal with the jar on its head and a local woman tried to rescue it. The woman could not initially catch the cat, however, as it jumped a fence and fell, smashing the jar but leaving the rim caught around its neck. 

It was eventually caught and brought to local charity Animals in Need who finally managed to remove all of the glass jar from its neck. It’s believed the cat became trapped when trying to lick some food remains from the bottom of the jar. 

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“She was so lucky. One wrong move could have been fatal. She had the tiniest wee nick from the edge of the jar and that was it,” a volunteer from the charity told the Irish Mirror. 

“The big worry was getting the jar off without causing her any damage. If it splintered and cut her or it was too hard it could have caused her even more damage.

"She’s back to herself now and is really enjoying her food,” the volunteer continued, adding a warning for people throwing out leftovers over the Christmas period. 

“For a starving cat, the temptation of a lick of leftovers clearly proved too much.

“Please make sure that jars and cans are disposed of safely and that cans crushed and jars washed and placed in closed recycling bins.” 

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