An Irish hitman is on trial in Boston after he threatened a victim and his daughter and tried to extort money from them.

Michael B. Lee, (29), an Irish national living in Dorchester, tried to shakedown a local real estate agent over an alleged  $90,000 dollar debt owed to fellow realtor David Gefke.

FBI and local police arrested Lee and two others after being alerted by the target.

The case began when Michael Carucci, the real estate agent, met Lee, who was posing as a client Josh Wingenheimer, interested in a million dollar properly.

Instead, Lee arrived with two other men and told Carucci: "You owe an awful lot of money on the street. You owe Gefke and now you owe me.’

Lee also allegedly threatened the victim and his daughter, and also demanded $10,000 immediately and another $10,000 later.

Carucci contacted Gefke following the Lee confrontation at his office but then got a text message from Lee saying, “You don’t owe him the money anymore; you owe me $58,000.’’

Carucci then contacted local police who called in the FBI who began investigating. Carucci said Gefke was a longtime friend and said he was amazed that he had sent 'legbreakers' like Lee after him.

The sting was finally carried out in a posh Boston hotel when Lee met Carucci with the FBI watching. he threatened Carucci again and tried to grab an expensive watch off him. FBI and police them moved in.

Lee’s attorney, Oscar Cruz Jr., stated: “He maintains his innocence.’’