Advocacy groups on both sides of the Atlantic have agreed to work together to eradicate what they term the ‘genocide’ of persons with Down syndrome.  

Following a meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Irish-based group Disability Voices for Life and USA-based Chloe’s Foundation signed a declaration that they plan to seek civic society support across the US and Europe with the goal of bringing it before State legislatures in the USA, Parliaments in Europe and both the United Nations and the European Parliament.

Michael O’Dowd of Disability Voices for Life stated after the meeting in Harrisburg that this was an important initiative and that the battle to end the prejudice and lethal discrimination against unborn children with Down Syndrome will initially be based on factual, supportive and positive education to expectant parents.  

Prior to the meeting Michael, who is also a candidate for Renua in the forthcoming European elections, briefed Cardinal Dolan in New York who supports the initiative.

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Co-Signer of the declaration Kurt Kondrich stated that with the current high abortion rates of children diagnosed prenatally with Down Syndrome that it was important to work to restore a culture of life for individuals with Down syndrome.  

Kurt, whose Grandfather hailed from Irelan,d stated that we should embrace and not erase Down Syndrome.

The declaration was also signed by Kurt’s daughter Chloe who has Down Syndrome and Maria  Gallagher, Legislative Director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. 

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