With a strong and growing Irish presence, the ever-changing demographics of New York City are a dynamic force, truly making it a unique melting pot. According to LivEthnic there are now over 400,000 Irish living in the Big Apple.

Marked by population density and cultural diversity, New York City boasts a total population that is over one third foreign born. It is home to the largest Jewish community outside of Israel (1.5 million+) and the largest Puerto Rican community outside of Puerto Rico (800k+).

Here’s a full list of ethnic populations in New York:

- Italian 700k+
- Dominican 600k+
- Irish 400k+
- Mexican 300k+
- German 300K+
- Russian 250k+
- Polish 200k+
- Ecuadorian 200k+
- Colombian 100k+
- Greek 85k+
- French 80k+
- Brazilian 75k+
- Nigerian 30k+
- Australian 15k+

LivEthnic, www.livethnic.com, launched in October 2012 as the world’s first and only ethnic city guide and directory. It currently includes 19 ethnicities across three cities (New York, Los Angeles and Miami) and is expanding on a weekly basis.

This concept cues to the shifting demographics and ethnic presences which have transformed many major cities into culturally diverse destinations. Unbeknownst to many, there are hidden enclaves and places looking to be discovered by city residents, expatriates and cultural enthusiasts.

For more information visit www.livethnic.com.


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