Kevin Patrick Smith (56), an associate of the Irish American gang, the Westies, has been arrested in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, having made plans to rob a bank in New Paltz.

Police reported that the thief, who once served ten years in prison for robbery, was so well organized that cops found a to-do list with the words “rob bank” on it, at Smith’s Manhattan apartment, New York Post reports.

The Westies gang member had hired an unknowing livery cab driver to escort him the 80 miles to the Ulster County town of New Paltz, where he planned to rob the Wells Fargo bank on Monday. His cab ride, with the Midtown-based GroundLink Car and Limo Service, would have cost $530, including tip.

However Smith was clearly unaware that his accomplice was an FBI informant. Smith was arrested by an FBI SWAT team at 8am on Monday.

Court papers showed that Smith was planning to pick up his accomplice and a Magnum handgun en route to New Paltz, in the Bronx.

Smith met his accomplice, an FBI snitch, last Wednesday. He recruited him for the robbery and the next day drew a map of the area and told his new friend he would bring a gun, gloves, a ski mask and a bag for the loot.

The would be thief has been charged with attempted bank robbery and could serve up to 25 years in prison.

The Irish American gang, the Westies, were a violent extortion and loansharking racket, based in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. They were broken up with the help of turncoat Francis “Mickey” Featherstone, in the late 1980s. Last year the gang emerged once more under the leadership of John Bokun.

Last year Bokun was found to have teamed up with a Californian drug organization to deliver high-grade hydroponic marijuana. He flew the pot into New York on a private jet. He was indicted by federal prosecutors on marijuana-trafficking charges.

A man who had just been released from prison sexually assaulted two girls, aged just nine and six, in Athlone on Saturday afternoon.Google Images